Solutions. Delivered.

For more than 25 years North49 has been developing solutions that enhance the functionality of Sage 300 ERP. We are a Sage Gold Development Partner designing and implementing feature rich applications for small to mid-size companies using Sage 300 ERP. Our broad experience and expertise in accounting, software engineering, business processes, and design will deliver uncompromised solutions that give you the competitive advantage.

We proudly develop several solutions and products including Webtelligence.

Webtelligence will expand your market by giving you access to customers traditionally out of reach of a Brick & Mortar store. It continues to sell outside your location and hours, capturing customers you would not normally have access to. Additionally, use of campaigns, promotions, and loyalty programs included as standard features in Webtelligence can spark add-on sales and referrals.
If you can't increase prices or decrease manufacturing costs, then your profitability needs to be enhanced by reducing operational expenses. Our system significantly reduces costs associated with maintaining inventory and other administrative functions. With Webtelligence you are able to automate business processes from beginning to end. Integration to your Sage ERP solution translates into lower operating costs, and increased profits
Webtelligence is more than a shopping cart. It's an ecommerce platform that allows your customers access to important information. Details about their account, order status, invoices and product information can all be viewed in real-time and managed online, anytime, anywhere. It improves customer experience by providing highly personalized, interactive service on the web while reducing calls to your customer service team.

Webtelligence is a fully integrated ecommerce solution for Sage 300 ERP. It offers two-way integration from the web to Sage 300 ERP and beyond. Webtelligence allows you to implement a web store that addresses your specific B2B and B2C ecommerce requirements.

Webtelligence is smart.

Webtelligence keeps your most important information secured and organized within your Sage ERP. It gives you easy access to your inventory, orders, billing and customer profiles.

Webtelligence is easy!

Your customers will have a unique login allowing them to order, pay invoices, or check their account at any time. All interactions can be made from any desktop or portable device, without additional customer support or individual data entry.

Webtelligence works in real time.

Webtelligence works in real time. Any changes made to your Sage ERP will be directly synced to your customers online, ensuring that you and your Customers are always working with the most current information.

Webtelligence works all the time!

Your web store is always available with our independent data centers monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Webtelligence knows design.

With Webtelligence you can control how your web store looks and feels. Options for design not only ensure your branding functions effectively, but that your ecommerce environment is suited for different devices and its content is handled appropriately.

Full integration is essential to a modern ecommerce environment. Webtelligence turns your Sage 300 ERP into an online sales machine.

Your webstore keeps running 24/7 so you don't have to.